Greek-French-German Animated TV Series "My Superhero Husband" Signs Development Deal with Prestigious Production Company Normaal.

Paris, France - "My Superhero Husband," the witty, heartwarming superhero romcom in 2D that has been making waves in the animation industry, has just signed a development deal with the prestigious production company Normaal.

This marks the first Greek-French-German animated TV series co-production, bringing together the talents of three countries to create a unique and exciting series.


"We are thrilled to partner with Normaal for the development of 'My Superhero Husband,'" said Stavros Savvaidis, CEO of Funny Tales, the Greek animation studio producing the series. "Their commitment to quality and attention to detail aligns with our vision for this project, and we're excited to work with their team to bring our characters to life."


Funny Tales is a 2D pre-production and production studio in Greece that exclusively works in the animation industry. General Manager Dimitris Kazantzis said “We want to help further promote Greece on the map of international animation, while our studio progresses the production value, making interesting projects for viewers of all ages”. Funny Tales has multiple awards under its hat, with its short film “Echo” that is still on its festival run, a soon-to-be streamed finished series “Pix and Leo” in Disney+, as well as the Disney+ award that was won with the “My Superhero Husband” project.


The project has had a trail of success leading up to this moment, starting by claiming a fund for the creation of a short film, followed by the Disney+ award at the MIFA pitches in 2022, and lastly landing the development deal with Normaal, after being approached by the head of development during the Cartoon Forum event in 2022.


"My Superhero Husband,” tells the story of Cynthis and Joule, a couple of superheroes with two very different personalities: while transman Cynthis likes to curl up with a good book after spending the day saving the world, Joule loves basking in the spotlight and engaging in product placement with his face plastered on giant billboards all over town. The series explores the struggles of juggling a job as a superhero, a husband, and a cat, while also bringing much-needed representation to the animation industry.


We're excited to work with the talented creative team, and show creators, Alex Tagali and Mikaela Deligianni to bring 'My Superhero Husband' to audiences around the world," said Marc Dhrami, head of production at Normaal. "We believe in the power of storytelling and are committed to creating high-quality content that resonates with audiences."


’This series came to us because we wanted to create something we would have wanted to watch when we were young adults. To see ourselves as superheroes in our own life.’ say Deligianni


“Casual representation matters, especially with young trans people, and having a trans superhero character is life-changing,” says Creative Director/Producer, G. Beaudin of Alphabet Initiative. “As a queer indigenous former child actor and having worked for Dic and Disney in the 80's-90's, I know that healthy representation matters.’ Beaudin continued.


With its unique combination of superhero, comedy, and romance, "My Superhero Husband" promises to be a must-watch for audiences of all ages. The series is also a significant milestone for the Greek animation industry, which has been stagnant at best, with only one feature film being distributed in the cinemas during the previous year.


"My Superhero Husband" is produced by Greece's Funny Tales, with CEO Stavros Savvaidis and general manager Dimitris Kazantzis and their German LGBTQI+ producing partner Alphabet Initiative media agency, with CEO, Milli Kanyko and creative producer, G. Beaudin.


The project's development deal with Normaal is a significant step forward for the series, and audiences can look forward to more updates about its progress in the coming months.

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